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Kristin Nelson
President of Nelson Literary Agency

There are a lot of freelance editors in the world, but it’s rare an editor has both the skill to help craft story architecture AND a savvy sense of what works in the market. With 3+ years at a top literary agency under his belt, James Persichetti has both. I heartily endorse him and his editing skills. 

David R Slayton
David R. Slayton
White Trash Warlock (Blackstone Publishing, 2020)

James really leveled up my writing. He didn’t just provide editing, but lessons that improved my craft for the long term. My books were good, but consistently getting rejected by publishers. It wasn’t long after I hired James that I got my first contract offer. Working with him helped put me over the edge.

Kaitlyn Abdou
Kaitlyn Abdou
The Daffodil Witch

I had the absolute pleasure of engaging James as a beta reader some months ago when I was just preparing to submit my first novel to a small publishing house and wanted one last keen eye on it before hitting send. In the past, my beta readers have been helpful but mostly focused on smaller details. James’s insight into my book inspired me to change the entire course of the story, but in the best way. He opened my eyes to so many possibilities and totally altered how I wanted to approach the plot and how I represented my work. If I had 10 pages to fill with praise for his dedication and enthusiasm, I could fill them and then some!

His talent for finding the weaker points of your story and helping you strengthen them into something compelling cannot be praised enough. He somehow managed to guide my thought process without putting his own ideas or suggestions into my work. He asked all the right questions and really forced me to think about details that I thought had little or no bearing on the plot of my book, which now have become essential pieces of the puzzle. He has a great eye for character development, story pacing, and overall structure.

I can honestly say that without his help, my book would have likely been lost in the shuffle of dime-a-dozens—but now, I honestly think I have a good chance at becoming one of the next groundbreakers. I really cannot recommend his services enough and am not sure what I would do without him.

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