RMFW University: Demystifying Magic

November 2019​
Online class with

This class goes through the ins and outs of making an interesting and effective magic system that fits with the story you’re trying to tell. Are you making a hard or soft system, what are the limitations and costs, how does your system affect your character and world? While there are no hard and fast “rules” for how to write a magic system, this class offers guidelines and questions to consider to make sure your system makes sense, is consistent, and understandable.



Write From the Seed

RMFW Free Program May 2019


It was great seeing everyone who came to the RMFW free program. Here is a link to the PDF of my presentation:

Write From the Seed

It Takes a Tribe

2019 Pikes Peak Writers Conference


Thanks to everyone who attended the 2019 Pikes Peak Writers Conference. Here are the links to the PDFs of each presentation:

Electrifying Emotion w/ David R. Slayton

Plotting Your Character's Demise

Starting Your Story in the Right Place w/ David R. Slayton

Follow Your Heart

2019 Pikes Peak Conference Preview


Thanks to everyone who attended the 2019 Pikes Peak Writers Conference preview, Write Your Heart Out. Here is the link to the PDF of my presentation. Cheers!

Follow Your Heart

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