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About Me

My goal as an editor is to understand your vision for your book and help you make the story the best it can be. Writing is a collaborative process, but ultimately it comes down to what you, the author, want for your story.

I worked for over three years as a submissions reader and foreign rights coordinator at Nelson Literary Agency, one of the top agencies in the industry. I read over 1,200 query letters a month and saw firsthand what makes or breaks a submission, which books sold for big money, and which books didn't quite measure up. I want to use my knowledge of story craft and what I learned about the industry to help authors hone their craft and get closer to achieving their publishing dreams.

I have presented workshops on story craft and structure at major writing conferences. I'm a member of Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers. When I'm not writing or editing, I love to learn foreign languages, play board games, and try to find the best flour-to-egg ratio for fresh pasta.

James Persichetti Lost Hat Editorial Services
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